Bread Ref. 130096

100% Whole Grain Country Bread 400g

A loaf made with wholemeal wheat flour. The whole grain contains germ (which provides antioxidants and phytonutrients), endosperm (which provides protein and starch) and bran (source of fibre, vitamins and minerals). High fibre content. Protein source.

  • "Wholegrain" wholemeal
  • Stone oven
  • 100% NATURAL ingredients
  • Long rests
  • Highly hydrated
  • High durability
  • Vegan

Technical details

  • Net weight 400 g
  • Long 25 cm
  • Quantity per box 15 u.
  • Boxes per pallet 8 x 7
  • Boxes per pallet 48 boxes
  • Baking temperature 180 ºC
  • Defrosting time 60 min
  • Baking time 20 min

Products made with whole grain flour. Contains the germ (which provides antioxidants and phytonutrients), the endosperm (which provides protein and starch) and the bran (source of fiber, vitamins and minerals).

Flat-bottomed breads baked in traditional Stone-Bottomed Ovens. The high and constant temperature of this type of baking gives the bread a very crunchy rustic crust and a highly alveolated crumb, achieving greater durability.

Breads made using only 100% NATURAL Ingredients, Additive-Free, E-number free.

The quality of the raw materials and the artisan process allow a high hydration of the products, which translates into greater durability.

Breads made with very long rest and fermentation times, which promote the release of the aromas, textures and flavours of a great bread.

Made with foods that do not have an animal origin