Bread Ref. 12124

7 Cereals (67%) and Seeds (4%) Mini Flute 50g

A soft bread, with a juicy centre and a thin crust, it is very easy to eat. Also, with the added value provided by the mix of cereals included in its recipe (rye, wheat, corn, oats) and seeds (flax, sesame, sunflower).
  • Seeds and cereals
  • Medium durability
  • Vegan
  • Cereal Mix Flour

Technical details

  • Net weight 50 g
  • Long 16 cm
  • Quantity per box 60 u.
  • Boxes per pallet 8 x 8
  • Baking temperature 185 ºC
  • Defrosting time 15 min
  • Baking time 8-10 min

Made with a mixture of cereal flours that provide an extra flavor

Made with foods that do not have an animal origin