We love what we do

From day one, we have treated the trade with love, respect, care and dedication, as our great-grandmother passed down to us. And so we want to convey it to you, offering you the products that best fit your needs and helping you in your business’s day-to-day work.


We are a group in the food sector with a clear focus on the customer throughout the organisation.

For us, the customer is the foundation of thecompany, what allows us to endure, and what defines our business.

values that have defined us since day one

Our principles are authentic, we have no others

Keeping in mind our Origin, what we are, what our great-grandparents struggled for with great sacrifice, where we come from, humbly but bursting with pride. But our Origin is not only the Martínez family, it’s all of us; the family, together with teams of extraordinary people, have laid the foundations for and built a unique project, generating wealth over the last 60 years.


Our commitment also extends to our staff as a cornerstone of the company, as well as our entire environment.


With a team of more than 2,000 people, we work every day with a single goal: to satisfy you so that you can satisfy your customers

Passion for what we do

Enjoying what we do, sharing the hopes of four generations while respecting our environment and being thankful for the trust you hold in our company and in our bread. Passionately loving what we do.


To our customers we are not only a supplier but also someone whom they can trust and turn to when they wish to offer better products in their establishments. We’ll always be at your side.



Quality policy

Quality assurance and improvement are part of business management that looks to the future, as well as being responsible, effective, profitable and essential for sustainable development. Discover our quality policy and the basic principles on which it is based and which accompany us in every single thing we do.


Energy Policy

Our commitment to energy efficiency to ensure sustainable development extends to all areas, activities and processes of the company. These are our basic principles.

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