Bread Ref. 130653

Crystal Bread Burger with Tomato

A combination of powerful and unique flavours.

Made with tomato (2%) and spices that add a lot of flavour and colour: oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme. Ideal for creating an Italian-style burger, with buffalo cheese, pesto and sundried tomato.

With all the characteristics of our cristal range: texture, lightness, honeycombing and durability.

Made with olive oil and sourdough.

  • With olive oil
  • It contains sourdough
  • Source of fibre
  • Ready to serve
  • Crystal alveoli
  • Vegan

Technical details

  • Net weight 110 g
  • Long 12 cm
  • Quantity per box 34 u.
  • Boxes per pallet 48 boxes
  • Defrosting time 20-30 min

Made with olive oil, the basis of a healthy mediterranean diet

Breads made with Our Own 100% Natural Sourdough, which gives our breads a characteristic taste. Sourdough is the natural ferment that has been used for centuries to make bread.

Products already finished. Ready to consume only with a few minutes of thawing

Made with foods that do not have an animal origin