Pretzel Range

Pretzel Roll 70g

Ideal as an accompaniment to gourmet dishes, providing a distinctive touch.
Made with wheat flour and malted wheat flour that adds colour, aroma and flavour. In addition, it contains vegetable oil which contributes to a longer shelf life.
The crust is very thin and tender, perfect for easy snacking. German pretzels are distinguished by their particular salty crust, a very characteristic flavour of this bread that has spread all over the world.
A salt sachet is included to further accentuate the salty taste of the crust.
The crumb is soft, tender and slightly firm.

Pre-Cut Pretzel Hot Dog Bun 80g

A snack version, and what's more... pre-cut!
Made with wheat flour which determines its mild and balanced taste. With vegetable oil in the dough, which prolongs its tenderness and durability.
Its crust is very characteristic thanks to its dark colour and its particular colour and the particular salty taste. Easy to eat thanks to a very thin, soft and tender crust.
It has a soft crumb and a consistent structure.
Its balanced flavour and firm crust make it ideal for hearty recipes with sauces.