Brioche Burger Bun Range

Mini Brioche Burger 35g

The dough that transforms every bite into an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Made with egg and butter. Its delicious flavour and aroma result in a powerful and tasty bite that enhances the flavour of the hamburger.

It has a thin, soft and tender crust, perfect for easy eating. Its surface is painted with egg to achieve a toasted colour with a glossy finish.

Maxi Brioche Burger Bun with Seeds 5% 85g

Brioche dough with an unmistakable taste and aroma and with seeds, the perfect combination - all flavour!
Made with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and made with egg and butter.
Inside you will be surprised by its powerful aroma and buttery taste.
An intense and enveloping bite that takes your burgers to another level.
With a thin, tender crust and a slight crunchiness from the seeds.
Crunchy touch with the seeds. In addition, its surface is painted with egg for a toasted colour with a glossy finish.
And of course a soft, tender and juicy crumb. Intense yellow in colour and with a delicious aroma and flavour.