New Hoops and Ball Hoops

Super Choco Ball Hoops 90g

If you're a chocolate connoisseur, this is your Ball Hoop. Triple delicious.
We know that chocolate is an irresistible ingredient and if the Ball Hoop is filled, covered and decorated with chocolate, eating it can become a unique experience.
Filled with chocolate cream with hazelnuts and covered with half a coating of our sweet bonbon.
We decorate the whole surface with squares of milk chocolate.

Passion Red Ball Hoops 90g

Exotic flavour...a perfect marriage of chocolate and cranberry.
A Ball Hoop with lots of colour, designed to stand out at the point of sale.
With red pearls on the outside and red cream on the inside, pure passion red.
Filled with fruit cream with red cranberries and decorated with half a coating of our sweet bonbon; it adds an extra decoration that makes it stand out and gives it a lot of flavour, as its surface is covered with chocolate pearls in an intense and vibrant red pearl colour. Discover the difference in texture from the first bite.
Its dough is very spongy and goes perfectly with its filling, its topping and its decoration.

White Drizzel Hoops 75g

A successful Hoop, now in medium size!!!
We are expanding the family of our decorated and striped mini Hoops with a new size, this time larger.
It stands out for its exquisite flavour, its soft and spongy interior and its homogeneous and balanced coating.
It is completely covered with white chocolate flavoured coating and decorated with stripes of our exquisite bonbon.